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Business Interruption Insurance -
Protects Loss of Income in the Event of Disaster

Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, a destructive fire - all examples of disasters that could be devastating to your business.

Business Interruption Insurance, or Business Income and Extra Expense, is coverage intended to protect a business and its owner against financial loss which occurs when the business operations are temporarily shut down by a fire or some other covered peril at the businesses location.

If a fire or other disaster renders your business location uninhabitable, leaving your business in the position of losing the ability to produce income, you would still have the responsibility of fixed expenses that must be paid - payroll, rent, etc. Business Income insurance can reimburse a business for the income lost - net profits and necessary continuing expenses. Your business will be assured there are funds available to continue to maintain payroll, retain valued employees, and meet additional expenses necessary to get your business back up and running.

Business interruption insurance can help keep a business's operations functional whether through a short term one or two week closure to an extended multi-month crisis.




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