Privacy Statement & Notice Policy


Resource Group, Inc., its subsidiaries and their divisions respect the privacy of their clients and are committed to protecting the personal information received from its clients from unauthorized access or disclosure. Resource Group, Inc recognize that clients share personal information to enable us to assist them with their insurance needs and administration of their insurance. Personal information regarding the firms clients is used and disclosed solely to address insurance needs of our clients and as required by law regulation. This Privacy Statement sets forth Resource Group, Inc.'s current policies with respect to nonpublic personal information of current and former clients.

Collection of Information

Resource Group, Inc. collects information from its clients to procure and modify insurance coverage or process claims for them. We make every effort to limit our requests to the information necessary to serve each client's interests and needs. Much of the personal information we collect is from our clients. It is obtained from applications and other forms, correspondence and communications with us (such as name, address, Social Security number, assets and income). We also obtain personal information about out clients in connection with their transactions with or through us (such as coverage purchased, premiums paid, payment history and methods of payment). In some instances, we receive personal information in communication with insurance companies that have issued or are considering issuing insurance polices to our clients and may also receive personal information about our clients in connection with processing a claim, including medical information, such as from an accident report. Personal information about clients may also be obtained from consumer reporting agencies, such as through credit reports or motor vehicle reports.

Disclosures of Personal Information

Resource Group, Inc may disclose the personal information collected regarding its clients to nonaffiliated third parties, including other financial institutions to secure quotations for coverage, obtain changes in or renewals of exiting insurance coverage and to assist in the submission or processing of claims. We may share a client's personal information with claims representatives and adjusters involved with processing a client's claim. In some instances, we may receive personal health information about our clients, such as information regarding an accident, disability, illness or injury in connection with an application for or renewal of an insurance policy or claim.

We may disclose nonpublic information to nonaffiliated third parties that perform services, including marketing services on our behalf or to other financial institutions with which we have joint marketing agreements.

Resource Group, Inc. may disclose nonpublic information collected regarding clients or former clients in compliance with subpoenas or other valid court orders, in response to inquiries and requests from regulatory authorities, in connection with the prevention or detection of fraud, or as otherwise permitted or required by law.

Access to Information

Access to information is restricted to personnel who have a legitimate need to have the information in providing services to our clients or conducting the business of Resource Group, Inc. Employees of Resource Group, Inc. who have access to client information are required to protect it and keep it confidential. In addition, we require anyone to whom we disclose any nonpublic personal information about our clients to protects its confidentiality and use it solely for the purpose for which it was disclosed.

Limiting Disclosures

You may opt out of Resource Group, Inc.'s sharing of nonpublic information with nonaffiliated third parties, except as permitted by law, and you may limit our sharing of non-transactional information among Resource Group, Inc. affiliates. In making that election, you should understand that we may require your written authorization if there is a need to share information with nonaffiliated third parties to service your account.

Further Notices

We are posting this Statement and Notice to you pursuant to recently effective provisions of laws and regulations which require that we send our clients notice of our privacy policy at least annually as well as when we adopt changes to that policy. Consequently, we will be sending you supplemental notices at least annually. In addition, under provisions of the law and implementing regulations, we may have to obtain your written authorization to disclose certain personal information regarding you, and in some instances other members of your household, in connection with the performance of our services on your behalf.


If you have questions regarding the Notice, your right to limit our disclosure of your nonpublic personal information or how Resource Group, Inc. protects or uses your nonpersonal information, please call 800-279-1433. You may also email us at