Professional & Cyber Liability

Employment Practices Liability

"An employee alleges that her boss sexually harassed her, and when she resisted she was demoted to a less desirable position and then fired."

"Two former employees sued their former company for wrongful termination, claiming they were discriminated against based on their sexual orientation and religion."

"An employee sues his company, alleging that he was terminated after complaining that other employees were being treated differently regarding sick leave."

If you think your chances of being sued by an employee is one in a million - think again. Even with proper human resource policies and procedures in place, an organization can still be sued, and the legal costs associated with defending a claim can be exorbitant. Even if you successfully defend your organization from a lawsuit, the costs of legal defense can be staggering. Employment Practices Liability protection can protect your company from the potentially catastrophic cost of defending a lawsuit.

Lawsuits can involve:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination based on age, gender, religion, race, national origin, sexual orientation, disability
  • Wrongful termination
  • Wage violations



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